Saturday, May 1, 2010


What's the deal with waiters telling you the specials before the meal? Are you really expected to remember what they say? No! That's why someone is always like "Can you tell me about the salmon again (tee hee hee) I forgot already". They should just print it on paper and have it there on the table for you to read. Furthermore, the waiter rattling off the specials of the evening is an awkward deal all together. Sometimes they forget parts of a dish (I used to wait tables, I always forgot details of the specials). "So then we have the trout and it's served with braised green beans and uh, uh, I want to say spinach but let me check with the chef". And how awkward is this - once they get done telling you all the specials, no one orders them! It's like " does sound good. I'll have the risotto." Basically like "Screw everything you just told me about, it all sounds gross!"

Main Idea: Specials at a restaurant are great. They keep things fresh and allow the kitchen to experiment. However, having the wait staff verbally mouth them off at the beginning of the meal is completely inefficient. The specials should always be printed so they can be read, understood and decided upon at each guests' own pace. Unless you are visually impaired or for whatever reason you just like having the specials read to you, I think they should just be printed.

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