Sunday, October 24, 2010

hey miss thang. miss you. LOVE the wedding pics!! phone date soon?

on facebook there are two main ways to communicate with a friend. 1) write on their wall 2) send them a private message. when you write on a wall, everyone sees it. when you privately message, just that one person sees it.

it seems that many people do not understand how this works. let's pretend the subject of this post was a message i wanted to send to a friend. it would make sense to send it as a private message, because it involves only two parties. but people are messing it up and writing such messages on the friend's wall instead.

this doesn't make sense, because now everyone can read it but no one cares because they have no part in the conversation.

i am researching everyday how to help solve this worldwide misunderstanding. your donations are appreciated. it takes time, money and lots of effort to make progress. If you can, send cash, check or money order to:

clay summers
642 pacific St. #3
santa monica, ca 90405

donations can also be made via paypal, message me with details.

thank you so much. god bless.

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