Wednesday, February 23, 2011

waffle fry announcement possibilities

ideas on what could be happening March 4:
  • federal ban on sex with potato products lifted
  • every order of waffle fries comes with 2 valiums and a pair of mittens
  • thanksgiving is repealed/march 4 becomes a holiday instead/declared 'waffle fries day'
  • it is revealed that waffle fries are the keys to heaven and only those who have eaten them are allowed in.
  • low-calorie waffle fries are debuted, regular waffle fries stay on menu with instructions on how to purge them typed on back of packaging (so as to stay thin)
  • obama appoints the first-ever waffle fry to serve in his cabinet
  • waffle fry milkshakes introduced
  • chick fil a announces the next phase in waffle fry history, the belgian waffle fries.

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