Monday, July 13, 2009

first blog

This is my first blog. No one will read it or any subsequent blogs after this because nobody likes me. However I will continue to write. Today I woke up after little sleep and scurried to Chick Fil A where I felt sorry for myself waiting in the drive thru to order a biscuit. I got a pathetic fruit cup to go with it once I finally got up to the speaker box to order.  Then I drove to the nearest gas station. As my car filled up with gas, I sat in the car nibbling on my pathetic meal. I dreaded going to school which was my next destination. I got to my 9:30 class on time. Everyone was chipper and talkative all around me, holding coffee cups and looking freshly showered. I hid in the corner with my head down, praying no one would talk to me. Every now and then someone would laugh a little louder than normal, this gave me the desire to strike them. But I knew if I did that I would be restrained and a big to-do would be made of the whole situation. So I did nothing. 

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  1. What about your excellent seat choice of obstructed view behind the door? Nerd bomber.