Sunday, March 13, 2011

coffee shop food

why does it always have to suck so bad? it's always some form of pound cake in 20 different disguises.

you'd think the clientele of coffee shops would be somewhat health conscious. apparently not.

at starbucks they even tell you how gross it is:

can't read it? it says 'raspberry scone 470 calories'. ew.

'yes i'd like a decaf double macchiato with one splenda and a quarter-pound cupcake' - no.

look don't get me wrong. all that stuff is well and fine sometimes. i just wish coffee shops had another option for food besides birthday cake. bc it's usually in the morning when i'm there and i don't want to start the day off with a box of oreos condensed into a scone shape. occasionally they'll have a few bananas by the register. but only every now and then. when i come across one i call it 'luck'.

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