Monday, April 26, 2010

Libra. Whatever.

I got to thinking again today, "Who am I? What am I?" As usual I wasn't sure, so I got the easy stuff out of the way. I am a human. I am a male. But what else? Then I remembered that supposedly, I'm a Libra. Whatever that means. Do you guys really believe in this crap? It's ok if you do, I believe weird some things too. So anyway I decided to do some investigating on what a Libra was, and I found this:
Ok so let's break this above image down:
10. Sure. If everyone were happy that would be great. Why not. (Does anybody really object to this? besides my ex-wife aka crazy-bitch-who-stole-my-friends-and-owes-me-$225-for-bills?)
9. I don't really have a motto but if I did this wouldn't be it.
8. No idea what this means. If I were held hostage I imagine I would sulk and gripe a lot so I doubt this has any merit whatsoever.
7. Yes I am extremely loveable, but again, many people are so this is a very broad and non-specific declaration.
6. Yes and no. I'm trying to be objective hear but by definition that is impossible. I enjoy being right when I am right I guess.
5. I do like 80's soft rock a lot.
4. What does this mean, "Brainstormer Deluxe"? Yeah, I brainstorm. I guess it's kind of deluxe. I'd prefer to think it's deluxxxe.
3. On trivial things like which kind of honey to buy, yes. On important life things that require sober thought and careful consideration, yes.
2. I have never redecorated a house in my life and hope I never do.
1. I was born on October 13, 1982 at 2:33 in the afternoon. Apparently this falls right under the SIGN OF THE SCALES OOOHHHHH (cue lightning and thunder audio clip ending with an abrupt "Eh?" noise that Tim does on Home Improvement).

So because of my Libra-ness apparently I am obsessed with balance in life and am the 'voice of reason' in all situations. The only time I can think of where I really was the voice of reason was in eleventh grade when Skip Henry and I went to Krystal and he suggested we split the Sackful and I said "No we should both just get a combo that's too many". The above is the actual Libra sign.

And this person liked being a Libra so much she painted it on her boobs.

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