Monday, April 5, 2010

Chick-Fil-A win

So here's what happened to me today at Chick-Fil-A. I go to the drive thru at lunch. I've done this a hundred times. It's always boring until I get my finally get my food and can eat it.

But today there was an employee with a tray walking up to all the cars waiting in line, apparently offering some sort of free sample. "Dammit! Dammit!" I thought to myself as I detested the unwanted forced conversation I was inevitably about to have with this person. Also I predetermined that I wasn't going to like whatever free sample it was. All I saw were small cups on a tray. I assumed it had to be coleslaw, fruit or some other poor-selling menu item I wanted no part of.

So the person walks up to my window. I sneer and roll it down. "Hi!" she says. "Would you like to try a free sample of our new peach milkshake?" I acted all fake happy and was like "You bet thanks!" I pondered the melted sludge in this small cup and then downed it. It was pretty good. I still wasn't happy about the new piece of trash that was this small cup I now had to deal with.

But what really made the trip a win was this. As I rounded the corner, I spied yet another employee waiting to greet me. "Dammit! Dammit!" I thought again. This guy was hanging out by the intercom box. He had no free samples. Only a weird electronic notepad thing. He asked if he could take my order. I was like yeah sure this is weird but whatever. Then he asked if I wanted to pay him there or wait and do it at the window. I elected to pay him there.

In conclusion, at the end of this transaction, I had decided that I indeed liked this person acting as a live intercom.

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