Monday, June 21, 2010

graduation post

This is my graduating class from the Creative Circus. Pretty sharp bunch.

Ad school was cool. It gave me a chance to do something with writing. I wrote six newspaper articles in college and about thirty term papers for people, so that was my prior writing experience. My undergrad degree was in Psychology. I thought I wanted to go into counseling, which turned out to be an ill-fated venture. Now I'm going to Los Angeles to work for an ad agency. I leave Wednesday morning. Going to drive there all the way from Atlanta. And I'm going to keep a photo blog of the whole trip, so stay tuned.

So ad school is over, fastest two years ever. Behind the first two years of my life and the last two years at Ole Miss. And 94-96. If you're reading this and we went to the Creative Circus with me, then hey man that was a lot of fun. Thanks for the good times. If you're reading this and have no idea what the Creative Circus is, check it out here Basically it's a two year school in Atlanta for copywriting, art direction, design and photography. And you can bring your dog to class.

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