Thursday, July 8, 2010

serenity, envy

You may not be familiar with the two images above, but I am. They calm me, bring me peace. Let's discuss.

The first is the image you get when twitter is over capacity (I don't know what that means. Some sort of glitch.) Now look at that whale. I envy him, and long for his serenity. The message here is "internet is broken/twitter is messed up/utter chaos". But not to the whale. He knows no problems, no ill feelings. He is being carried from his watery home by little birds, who have pooled their efforts to scoop him up with a net. I fancy that net is made of the purest velvet. The whale shuts his eyes, smiles. Thank you. Thank you for this moment. I envy him, everyday.

The second image you may be more familiar with. It is the Lunesta neon butterfly. Lunesta is a sleep aid brand that ran mass amounts of commercials featuring this humble bringer of zen. When I toss and turn at night, or even during the day, tortured by thoughts of uncertainty (what will i have for breakfast? why do people wear crocs? do people talk about me like 'i hate him i hate him!'? will i ever be a homeowner? what's the deal with cats?), I long for this peaceful butterfly to land on my shoulder. It's ok to long.

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